As our pets age and their bodies and sometimes their mentation (attentiveness and reaction to their environment) change, their care changes and need for care increases. Here at Valley West we highly recommend all pets 7 years of age and older have bi-annual exams and blood work to help detect problems and disease early so that we can improve their overall quality and longevity of life. Comprehensive blood work includes complete chemistry, CBC, thyroid test and urinalysis.

Things to mention at your older pet’s visit are:

  1. Changes in weight.
  2. Changes in coat color, texture or hair loss.
  3. Changes in mood or behavior.
  4. Changes in hearing or eyesight.
  5. Changes in activity, mobility or ability to get up and down or climb stairs.
  6. Addition of any new lumps or bumps.
  7. Changes in eating habits that might indicate mouth or teeth problems