Valley West Animal Hospital carries and recommends all products from Royal Canin. They provide well-balanced diets for all age groups, medical conditions as well as breed-exclusive diets. Royal Canin purchases and produces all the ingredients for their diets exclusively in the United States. They strive to stay at the forefront of health through nutrition by continually doing research on all their products, improving and upgrading the different products as needed.

It is well documented that providing your pet with a complete and well-balanced diet can greatly improve the health and longevity of that pet. The Royal Canin line of foods can even help overcome and prevent some of the genetic diseases your pet is susceptible to because of the breed-specific diseases. Store brands and generic foods are not completely balanced diets. Even though it may not appear to you that your pets are suffering ill effects by eating these foods, it will become apparent as your pet ages and you start to see all the diseases that develop as a result of incomplete nutrition.

More information can be found at, click on the animal and veterinary link to look at current pet food safety issues, food labels, and food and treat recalls. Also if you would like to home cook a special diet that is prepared specifically for your pet, you can go to to have a diet specifically formulated for your pets needs.